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For those of you reading I hope you can help me.

I have just upgraded to DCC, I currently have a digitrax Zephyr.

As I have just finished wiring my layout, I have been testing all my engines, and found two that just don't want to work.

Both are Athearn RTR DCC quick plug ready.

1st one is: HO RTR AMD103/P42, Amtrak #13

2nd one is : HO RTR F59PHI, Coaster #3002

They both have DH163D installed (Per the digitrax website).

The program track sees them, and addresses have been changed (Both 4 digit addresses). CV values are set on factory setup. When they are placed on the main line they do not want to run.

Both are set on 5 128 speed step mode (I have tried the others with no luck).

Any ideas or hints?
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