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New to this forum. I am wishing to sell my late-father's Athearn model trains + miscellaneous model parts, all dating from late 1970s - early-1980s. Most traincars have original box with original assembly instructions; all original boxes have original price stickers and specific model type. Several more cars lack a box and/or original assembly instructions. A few models have never been assembled and are in their complete original packaging. Numerous tracks and track accessories also available.

All items have been in dry, dark storage since 1983 and have only seen the light of day when being moved to new totes throughout the years. Otherwise, nothing has been assembled to run or in its entirety since 1983. My father took excellent care of his models out of fear that his then-three-year-old son would wreck everything. Smart guy.

Willing to part with items at original box price or b/o. Prices negotiable if purchasing in bulk. Will sell everything, including over 30 unboxed train cars (not pictured), modified tackle boxes with originally packaged spare parts, decals, fasteners/couplings, etc.(not pictured), for $500 b/o. Am willing to personally deliver if within Midwest USA (MN, IA, ND, SD, WI, IL, MO, NE, CO, KS, MI). Delivery beyond will be negotiated into final price.

I am providing some pics of the packages of cars with original assembly instructions.








More pics can be made available upon request. Please email me at [email protected]. Name is Rick.
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