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Athern rubber-band drive loco question

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I have two Athern rubber-band drive locos. One I have the motor running on. The problem I have is that the rubber tubes connecting the shafts to the motor are dry rotted beyond use. Does anyone know or a good replacement for these? Is there a type of tubing that works well sold at the hardware store?
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Hey TK,
You can order bands directly from Athearn.....or go to Office Depot and do a "Search an Destroy" looking for rubber bands. I also know if Stationmaster Bob see's this post he will come to the rescue.....because he is all knowing....if you know what I mean!:D I've been so busy I haven't had time to work on my PRR F7 unit that has the same problem like you.... but I did win an B&O F7 with extra bands so I'll size them up and if I can match them up I'll post okay:thumbsup:....what exactly do you have?
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