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I have 20 slightly used turnouts = they were installed, but probably not used as the layout was never completed = with slight damage to two of the #4's. All of them are code 83 Atlas, Nickel Silver. I also have about 40 sections of the Atlas code 83 nickel silver track in 3' sections. These were all soldered junction rails and were cut off at the ends, so they are not quite 3 foot long now. There are also a number of shorter pieces just thrown in with the long ones. If someone buys all the used track sections, I will finish filling up the box with foam track bed, by Woodland Scenics, that was laid and pulled up. He used a glue/caulk to hold them to the road bed, so there is some residue between some of the ties. They peeled up easily and little damage to ties. The box that they are in is a 4" shop lite box and will be shipped in it.
I also have 40+ sections of NEW Atlas code 83 Nickel Silver flex track in 3' sections that will be shipped in the original box, if someone buys them all.

Shipping prices are for US 48 only = more for AK and HI

20 turnouts (7 pair of #6 and 3 pair of #4) All shipped for only == $100.00
40 sections of NEW code 83 track All shipped for only == $120.00
40 sections of laid track code 83 NS All shipped for only == $90.00
no pics of the track sections, but can be seen in Walthers catalog

or make a REASONABLE offer?

New pricing on the turnouts === all 20 of them for $75 + shipping
All used trackage is SOLD
40 sections of new code 83 NS also include 30 sections of code 83 - 9" sections mostly of 22" curve used in a helix ==== all for $120


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