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Railroad-specific accoutrements
Fine scale detail.

Circa 1984-'98...
The prototypes have a phenolic interior coating, for carrying thick syrupy liquids like corn syrup or molasses.

I got 5 of these for my '2K' freight drag.
I'd originally intended to get the cheaper Walthers version, but these Atlas models are too nicely detailed to pass up. The InterMountains are also very nice.

There are 3 different prototype-specific manway, platform, and ladder configs on these Atlas models. Dome fittings and bottom outlets also vary.

Lettering is pure and crisp.
Superb rollers.
A quarter-ounce overweight by NMRA standards, which I appreciate.
Wheels are shiny/bright however, which will need weathering.
Accumate couplers need to be changed to Kadee 119's.

MSRP is over $40, but the LHS price varies around $24/28 on sale.

Transport Vehicle Train Rolling stock Railroad car

Transport Vehicle Railroad car Rolling stock freight car

Transport Locomotive Railroad car Vehicle Rolling stock

Transport Rolling stock Vehicle Railroad car Storage tank

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Nice details.:thumbsup:

Tanker cars are my favorites. :)
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