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Well, yes, I have obviously decided to abandon the 'Streets for the wire-guided cars. But anyone considered this should stop and make sure the same is true for them. 'Streets cars are incredibly robust, run for hours without attention, almost never "go off the rails." By contrast, wire guided cars are more delicate, although in O-Gauge, I think, not badly so. They run for an hour or two and then need to be recharged. And I have no idea how durable they are but I doubt they are as durable as 'Streets cars.

that said, having model streets that look perfectly realistic, with no slots of rails showing, is close to priceless for me: I was half considered getting rid of my 'Streets downtown and just having only static models because I as tired of seeing the rails which were so clunky and would get in the way of really good, detailed modeling that "looked real."

When a wire-guided car misbehaves - went for some reason it won't follow the wire -- it can be damn frustrating to determine why and fix it. The Cobra in my photo of all cmy cars refused to track the wire this morning. I will have to review autmotionfx's video on how to fine-tune the steering - hopefully that will work.

I think such occasional "fine tuning" will always be a part of using these wire guided cars.

Still, I'm all in. AutomotionFX has eleven more of my diecast models to convert as they can get to them.
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