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I have posted this in the Locomotive part of the forum, they suggested I try the DCC forum.
I recently acquired a Bachman N scale EMD GP40.
It was part of the Bachman Thunder Valley DC trains set.

I'm also converting to a DCC system (MRC).
I really like the way this engine runs so smoothly, and the detail on it, so I would not be averse to putting some money and effort into keeping it in my stable.

I have had the shell off (see pics) and found that the light/PCB board has six holes labelled in it for soldering wires from a decoder, and the fuel tank has space and a grille for a speaker.

I would like to replace this entire light board with a decoder board with sound, if possible.
Can anyone advise me as to what decoder would be suitable for this delicate operation?
I can use a soldering iron, but I'm relatively new to N scale and DCC.

(BTW, that written 4L is really HL, my bad printing.) Probably means Headlight


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