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Bachmann 'B' Unit to pair up to 2 back to back DCC 'A' units

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Hi all. Back again with some more questions. Am working with Lionel Prewar at the moment, and also building up more HO.

My question is, how is the Bachmann 'B' Unit going to perform with the two other 'A' Units when coupled together? By that I mean, with DCC on both 'A' Units, what will happen to the speed of the 'B' Unit, as I haven't seen any with DCC.

Any answers in the next 60 seconds will be fine. Thanks. :laugh::laugh:

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If all of the units are powered they all need to run at the same pace. If they do not then you run the potential of the locos fighting each other and burning the motors out early. If the B unit is DC and the two As are DCC it is unlikely that you will be able to get them to run as a matched set. If it were me I would turn the B unit into a dummy or add a decoder to it. Why risk the As for the addition of the B.

TK, thanks for the information. I kind of figured that was my only option. So, for a while will run the back to back DCCs.

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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