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Bachmann B30-7 doesn't work

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I have one of these guys:

I've had it for 15 years and it has never really left the box except to test it and all that happens is the light comes on. I took it to the nearest hobby store thinking it was maybe a DCC unit, it was tested on the DCC track and the locomotive made some noise but that was it. All I have ever been able to do was get it to light up and nothing more, ever. He seems to think it is shorting out but when tested with a multimeter it isn't.

I tore it down the best I could and applied power directly to the motor and still got nothing. I can spin the motor over freely and the brushes look OK.

Why won't this little guy work?
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Hey skitz...I have a similar train. When I first tried it out of the box, it would light up, and the motor would spin nicely, but the train barely moved. Well, I took it apart and saw that the shaft off the motor spun nicely, but the secondary shaft it connected to, which turned the wheels, hardly spun. There was too much "slipping" at the knuckle that connected the two shafts. It sounds unethical, but I simply glued the two shafts together at the knuckle and no more problem! The train runs fine. The shafts now spin turn for turn with each other. It was a very simple fix. Good luck.
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