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I just heard about this system that dates back to 2016.
I'm not very active in the browsing circles but am
surprised that one or more of our more curious
folks had not mentioned it. Don't know if it's
still on the market.

It seems you buy a Bachmann HO loco with the place the loco on any DCC
track and the hand held controller will run it
unaffected by any other loco running DCC on
the track. It will also run on a DC track.
Obviously, however, using the speed control
on a DC track would affect it so it would seem that
it could not run on that layout while a DC loco is
being controlled by the power pack.

It's not clear that you can run 2 or more of these
specially equipped locos on the same track.

Does anyone have one of these or has operated
one somewhere?

Would be interesting to hear opinions.


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I would avoid this system if you're not already using it.

It looks to be neither "dc" nor "dcc", but something proprietary. And while it may work well enough for "what it is", it looks to be pretty much incompatible with "normal" dc or dcc equipped engines.

If you like the idea of controlling the engines (and switches) from a smartphone or tablet, then investigate the Roco z21 system. You can download the app free for iOS or Android to try it out.

The z21 app can also be used with OTHER manufacturer's dcc control/power units as well, such as
  • Dijikeijs DR5000
  • ZIMO systems (very expensive stuff)
It may work with others as well.

There are probably other "graphically-themed" dcc controllers/apps out there, I just don't know of them.

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This was a part of a Bluetooth-based system that Bachmann was marketing a couple years ago. It never really took off, probably because it was proprietary and locked you into those products. And you still needed another system (DC or DCC) to provide track power.
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