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I picked up a used Bachmann F7 (?) Diesel Locomotive. It ran slowly so I decided to open and have a look. This Bachmann has both trucks powered. The motor itself has a front and rear shaft. There is a connector from each truck that connects to a universal type joiint (for lack of better description) on each end of the motor.

The plastic universal joint on motor shaft however is not tight and rotates semi freely. Are these typically glued down or what can be done?

On the same motor it has a set of brushes and springs that look something like these except the springs are a copper colored material.

One of the springs is bent way out of shape and someone had put a screw in the top of the brush shaft, I suppose to keep the semi loose brush from falling out.

What are my options? Can these springs be re-shapen?

I googled Bachmann HO Spring and brushes and came up with images like this

Which seems like it would work if it fits down the shaft then I use the screw again to retain it.

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The coupling should not rotate on the shaft. Likely you can just glue it.
Bachmann offer a replacement motor which would cure everything, but they are on lockdown!
If you can re-form those springs, go for it! No joy from the Bach-man! 馃槅

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The Bachmann F7 is ordinarily a smooth powerful loco.
I had two of them. Never a problem.

Did you check the lubrication inside the trucks? After some time the
'grease' gels and impairs the smooth operation of the gearing. Clean out
what's there and replace it with a PLASTIC FRIENDLY grease such
as put out by LaBelle's. They also have a plastic friendly 'oil' for
motor bearings. You should be able to feel if there is resistance
when you turn the motor shaft by hand.

The 'universal joint' should not be loose on the motor shaft. A tiny
drop of Super glue would probably be sufficient to steady it.

Also, the loco would be slowed if the brushes have excessive pressure on the rotor .
The 'fix it' you describe could cause the problem.

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