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Baldwin Shark Nose

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Looks like these are available now From BLI….I like this paint scheme!

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I never did like the sharknose, and those look even goofier, in my humble opinion.
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They are not everybody’s flavor favourite….but this version is a huge improvement to the old Model Power and Tyco ones from back in the day….

Some info on the real locomotive….

Built between 1950 and 1953, the RF-16 Sharknose diesels were cab unit diesel locomotives built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works to the specifications of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Their distinctive contours were reminiscent of Raymond Loewy's design for the Pennsy's T1 class steam locomotive. Baldwin built a total of 160 of these locomotives - 109 A-units and 51 cabless booster B-units. In addition to the PRR, B&O and NYC railroads also operated a substantial number of the "Sharks".

The Sharknose locomotives were known as excellent "luggers". They regularly saw service hauling heavy ore and coal drags. The RF-16 Sharknose locomotives beat the F7 with 100 additional horsepower and tied the FA2 with 1600 horsepower. Unfortunately, they did not last as long as the F7's. With a few exceptions, most of the engines were retired by 1967.

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The sharks are just different enough to be appealing. I have two pairs by Bachmann, a PRR A-B in the 5 stripe freight scheme, and two A units in the single stripe freight scheme. I recall seeing them on occasion on the PRR Main, in A-B-A consists, with the "Trainphone" antennas. I have NCE decoders in two, and two have original Bachmann (Lenz) decoders in them. From what I understand, their last stand on the PRR was on the Delmarva Division, while the Passenger version was last assigned to the North Jersey Coast line. Of course I am partial to Baldwins, considering that my Grandfather worked at Baldwin, and for the first 6 years of my railroad career, they were the predominant yard power / local power on the Chesapeake Division.

I still hope BLI (or someone else), will do a quality model of the 2000HP passenger diesels.
That's an interesting paint scheme. I do like it thought, certainly a play on words. Shark face, shark nose diesel, eh? You know... never mind. 😉

I think the Fairbanks-Morse C-Liner is a bit nicer in terms of aesthetics. This includes all variants, but maybe not the CPA20-5...
Just a fun side note: E&LS (Escanaba & Lake Superior) has two RF16s in storage that they hope to someday restore. They have all of the parts. It's time & man power costs that are the issue. I'd volunteer time if they ever start, despite being 6 hours away, I have family near there. Wrenching on an RF16 is an opportunity I'd not pass on. So you never know what we might see riding the rails. There's a group fabricating a brand new PRR T1 locomotive from scratch based in PRR's blueprints, but converted to modern fuel of some type. We might someday see that under power too.
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