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Sorry if this has been discussed already:

Would HO or smaller scale locos be too small to house both a rechargeable battery and a decoder ?
I keep seeing a dedicated engine track outside the engine house/shops. When battery is low on loco, a tiny tiny red light comes on situated on the loco where the real fuel cap would be or at a steamer fire door meaning 'low fuel' (time to recharge)..Engine/train routed to engine house fueling track. When fully charged red goes to green. Both lights could be behind a tiny sliding cover to hide lights if necessary.
Next: Track still runs DCC. Light is green. Roll 'em ! No?
Conclusion: Except for fueling, track no longer powers motor.
No more stall outs. No? ...OR: Battery/s not large enough to run a say, 20 car HO train/40 car N scale train for a long enough time, nor has enough time for switcher to work a yard/interchange ? Is this the problem ?.. M

PS. I accidentally entered this in this non-related thread instead of in "DCC Forum". Admin welcome to move this. I don't know how to..

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Hi Tell Tale,

Besides checking over at the site which is an excellent resource and great advice from wvgca, I have also been recently discussing this topic in this Forum, over at General Model Train Discussion in the "Question from Robert about Deadrail" thread.

short answer: Yes, it is possible to control HO scale trains with battery powered, radio controlled (BPRC) equipment.

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