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Just got a battlespace jinty (0-6-0)and exploding car from ebay... exploding car in great shape, but jinty 20190411_172947_1555019077866.jpg was a non runner, found the solder had broken by the pickup for the wheels, all fixed, sweet little runner.... also got a couple things a few weeks back that were part of a job lot.. got the NATO exploding car and the NATO helicopter launcher... and some nice pics.... 20190411_172950_1555019143652.jpg 20190411_172955_1555019173577.jpg 20190411_173000_1555019200362.jpg 20190411_173005_1555019224633.jpg 20190411_173032_1555019262098.jpg 20190411_173047_1555019295051.jpg 20190411_173018_1555019324095.jpg
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