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Been looking for this everywhere...

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I finally found my MTH Railware disk, which is basically a track designer... It came with the RTR set I bought a while ago... I had looked for it in my pile of old computer games a while ago but did not see it... Today I went to look for an old game in that same pile (which I could not find) and I found the Railware disk :rolleyes:

Now I can design a bunch of O scale layouts which I will never build :laugh:
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I had a disc (or is is disk?) I had some vacation pics on in a stack.
Oh shoot, you got me, LOL... I guess the correct spelling is "disc"...

“Compact disc” is spelled with a “C” because that’s how its inventors decided it should be rendered; but a computer hard disk is spelled with a “K” In modern technological contexts, “disks” usually reproduce data magnetically, while “discs” (CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc.) reproduce it “optically,” with lasers.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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