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Can't wait to see layout progress. I grew up driving through Osgood once a week. Those orange locos and the Osgood bridge are the whole reason I'm on a model train forum.
My dad worked for the BESSEMER as a Chemist (50s & 60s)... We lived on the Leech Rd... My grandmother's property ran back almost to Werner's.
WOW, its been a little over a year since I posted an update!!!!! Power has been hooked up and everything else has been buttoned-upin "THE SHOP". Other home projects (remodels) have had priority... With the "virus" making a living has come to an end (driving for UBER & LYFT). Have the materials on hand to frame the walls in the shop & install a couple beams.Been stocking up on light fixtures, wiring ceiling fans and such. The next big expense will be putting in floor joists ($840) and the sub-flooring ($500). At least I can do labor myself... Hopefully bench work will start this Fall...

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