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Brampton Train Show Pictures and Video!

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As promised some pics of the show. There were quite a few layouts in operation! From Z to G, alot of N and HO obviously and some nice live steam models, although they weren't operating.

The live steam Climax is a 'ride on' loco powered by coal and weighs 55 pounds. The larger Shay weighs 400 pounds, also coal fired, and uses that special dolly to move it around - it's transported by truck!

The Heljan container crane was really cool, I got a long video of the guy moving a container around with it. The videos will be up later since they take longer to process.

I think I am going to exhibit some of my trains next year, since there was a distinct lack of European modeling going on, save for the small Z scale layout presented.


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Forgot to mention, those big live steamers at the end are built from plans - no kits. Just drill presses, lathes, and milling machines. Not to mention the thousands of hours involved :eek:

True craftsmen :thumbsup:
Here is the first video of the operating Heljan container crane in HO scale, pretty cool:

Yeah, I think those cranes are in the neighborhood of $400 :eek:

Another video I uploaded:

Surely there must be some in NH :)

Usually around Xmas (well Nov really) there are some train shows, there are up here anyways which I will be going to. Here's a NH one in January:

Greenberg's Train & Toy Show
Manchester, New Hampshire (January 17-18)

Are you near Manchester at all?
Wow that is way cool with the videos etc thanks a lot :D
Hopefully I will be going to our local show next month and maybe get some low quality videos while I am there. I am using a camera so they won't be as good as yours are.
Thanks again for the share :D
I used a digital camera as well with a 2GB card. Once you put them on youtube the quality degrades but other than that it's a good way to get some footage.

What show are you going to?
Go to the show, take some pics :) It's fun, and if you meet up with another member of the site that would be cool! But of course you don't have to :)
1 - 16 of 27 Posts
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