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More items from the layout ===== One bridge had been installed on the layout and trackage was thru it, but no further, so I really doubt if it saw any use. The bridge tracks have the guide rails already in them and the boxed units have never been out. There is also an unbuilt double track bridge kit unopened by Walther (Cornerstone). There are also 3 NIB bridge tracks code 83 NS

Built Cornerstone double track bridge with 2 bridge tracks (these have code 83 outside rails and code 70 guard rails = nickel silver) ==== $30.00

3 - NIB bridge tracks (1 each box) code 83 main/code70 guard NS == $11.00ea

1 - NIB Walther (Cornerstone Kit) double track bridge no pic. ===== $21.00

All items are plus shipping to lower 48

These items were all purchased in the mid to late 1990's


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