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Backwash straddle
(and a Worlee dike)
In progress.

An area where two drainage swales converge, and cause a shallow backwash before subsiding.
Spur rails here will provide access to a few (small) RR and commercial utilities, e.g., a welding shop, sheetmetal fab, etc.
It'll be very similar to the bridge at Widow's Creek, but basically over a dry stoney basin instead of water.

The trestle is being bashed from a portion of a Campbell kit. It's yet to be 'advanced-age' weathered.
The plowed backwash dike is made with 3M Patch+Primer.
There's no landscape or associated trackage here yet. Most of it will likely be ballasted with brown talus, and probably very rusty and weedy.
It's an area where I can squeeze in a few 'nodding donkeys', some piping, a flare stack, and a crude oil tank.
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