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Broadway Limited Blueline C30-7 SOLD

Kato #37-6626 $230

Description: Union Pacific #9575 GE C44-9W with Soundtraxx Tsunami TSU-AT1000 DCC sound decoder board installed. A 28mm 8 ohm speaker is installed in the factory location in the fuel tank. This is a great running unit with awsome sound. Only out of the box for sound decoder install and test run. Will include the factory light circuit board that was replaced for the sound unit. $230

YouTube demo video:

link to pictures:

Kato #37-6408 $100

Kato SC70MAC CSX #743 New only test run. Missing rear hand rail should have been preinstalled on the loco from the factory like the front hand rail. All detail parts and handrails still in plastic bags and all there. Mint condition in original box. $100

These are brand new units only ran on a 6 foot test track. Will accept Paypal or USPS money Order, shipping will be $10 each or actual shipping if buying more than one item.
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