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Broadway Limited Imports Paragon 3 Big Boy Trouble URGENT

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Recently, My BLI Big Boy has been randomly stopping on the tracks, but the sound still works and also the headlights starts to blink, I keep on encountering this issue and I don't know what to do. I cleaned the tracks on my layout but it wasn't the tracks, when I run the train forward, it will randomly come to a halt, if I run it backwards, it will continue operating for longer amounts of time. I ran the locomotive today and it stopped not even making it all the way back around the track to me. (Idk if this has to do with the cause but) before it would randomly stop like this, I accidentally added an extra drop of smoke fluid down the stack. Would the smoke fluid be able to reach the electronics? And if you have experienced something like this in the past pls answer, I love this engine and I don't want to have it just randomly stop on the tracks. Not do I want to run it backwards for the rest of it's career.
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I had a similar sounding problem with my BLI H-10 (

Ultimately it came down to cleaning the tender wheels. I would strongly suggest cleaning all of the wheels of the locomotive and the tender, including the axles on the tender where the pickups rest against them.

I bought the Woodland Scenics Roto Wheel Cleaner and it has done well, although I know some other people just soak a towel in some alcohol and lay it over the track and run the locomotive over it holding it in place so the wheels slip over the alcohol.

I should stress that I had very little run time on my H-10 before it needed cleaning, so some of this may just be from the manufacturing process.
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