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Building proper grade

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I am about to start landscaping my 4 x 8 layout (HO scale) and will be incorporating a 2% grade in some areas. Landscaping for elevation will be mainly done with rigid insulation and plaster cloth (DIY version).

Since I am a complete novice at this, would it be best for me to invest in risers from someone like Woodland Scenics rather than trying to create a proper grade freehand.

My aim is to create the grade correctly and do it on my first attempt.

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Thanks for pointing me to the thread. The grade will probably be partially on a straightway but some will be on a curve. I think I'll probably go the Woodland's route.

As far as being handy, not really but sometimes I do surprise myself with how well a project turns out - actually my wife is more surprised than me when it happens.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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