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Building proper grade

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I am about to start landscaping my 4 x 8 layout (HO scale) and will be incorporating a 2% grade in some areas. Landscaping for elevation will be mainly done with rigid insulation and plaster cloth (DIY version).

Since I am a complete novice at this, would it be best for me to invest in risers from someone like Woodland Scenics rather than trying to create a proper grade freehand.

My aim is to create the grade correctly and do it on my first attempt.

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being a novice at trains really has nothing to do with building the correct grade... if you are doing this on a straight away, you could probably do it fairly easily. There is a thread on here some where regarding how to do this... I will look around for it quick and get back to you.

That being said, I am using the Woodland Scenic, except I am going with the 4% as the only thing going up the incline will be locomotives not pulling anything.
check this thread out... may be of assistance to you... it actually made me decide to go with the Woodland Scenic, but you may be a bit more handy than me.

hope it is helpful and best of luck
Brad ... I was just about to point him to the same link/thread ... you beat me to it!

I was actually going to say, "TJ, this is for you" then post it. I actually found it by a post you had where you put the link in.
you can do a lot with the Woodland incline... if you paint it correctly, it can look like a man made incline, or you can easily cover it and make it look like a natural incline... pretty awesome stuff... not to mention, that you can get it in 4, 3, and 2 degree inclines.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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