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I am a complete novice when it comes to model trains and know very little. A model train club puts a display up each Christmas in our local mall, with lots of different landscapes and scales. It got me thinking that I would like to make something, hopefully with the involvement of my kids, to display in our house at Christmas.

We have a good sized fireplace mantle; it's probably 4' or 5' wide and 1.5' deep. I was thinking of using N scale, and making something that just went in a straight line. In the display in the mall, someone had a track setup that was just a straight line. The train would go from one end to the other then back again; it would just keep going back and forth. As I understand it, the things at the ends that the train runs into are called bumpers, and somehow they tell the train to reverse and go back the way it came. I'd like to make something like this - just a straight line where the train goes back and forth.

Could someone help me out with how all of this works, and what all parts I would need? I appreciate the help.
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