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Hi friends - I am very much a model railroading newbie although I am nearly as old as the F7 that I am looking for.

I have a Proto 2000 B&O F7 locomotive that I plan to run on my soon-to-be-built shelf layout. I like the Proto 2000's detail quality, although I really have nothing to compare it to.

I would also like to obtain a Chesapeake & Ohio F7A in the "wave" scheme. Walthers HAD the F7 in the "high wave" scheme but I cannot find it anywhere, even after contacting dealers that had purchased it.

InterMountain sells a "low wave" F7 (part #49019). Frankly, I'm not that picky about which scheme I get. But, being new, I am not familiar with InterMountain. As I said, I was pleased with the Proto 2000 but how does the InterMountain model compare to the Walthers unit in terms of build quality, attention to detail, and operation? How about any other manufacturers? Does anyone else offer a good quality C&O F7 with the wave scheme? I see that Stewart Hobbies offers an F7B but I cannot find an A unit on Bowser's web site and I do not know anything about their quality.

While we're at it, any advice with regard to dealers in terms of price and service would also be appreciated.

Thanks to all!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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