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Commuter trains are tough. They breakdown have accidents,travel late. They tend not to be a marketable item. You may have to buy the loco in another pattern do some home painting and find a decal kit. A california hobby shop would be best. The site sponsor doesn't have a set.

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You gotta look deeply in hobby shops if you in the bay area, check surrounding hobby shops, i check loose caboose Napa,Ca they have a 3pack of the cars that they recently got in. The cars are extremely beautiful, although T-man is right, at the club when we run a session somehow im always running late from stations, so how my sound turns off for not apparent reason, it make me frustrated but its that love/hate relationship thing that you have to work with.

Here is where to find the engine and the cars I buy from these guys so they are ok:

and here is the 3pack for the cars:

Here is a video of my caltrain, going around the track and getting into some trouble lol.

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ps. Thanks T-man for referring me over to here! Glad to help out
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