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Can anyone recommend a good starter set?

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sorry for the n00blet question...

thanx all...:D

edit: sorry for premature post...went to beginners q&a
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thanx smokey!

ok im gonna check out some books...there was some weird kit that i saw for sale around Toronto (where I live) by life-like? is that company any good? otherwise I thought I would just start by buying a loco and some cars and track and make my own beginners kit? was kinna interested in euro style...
thanx for the reply!
ya I think given how expensive/hard to get the euro stuff is im partial to the north american lines...and I just saw the Athearn Ontario Northlands diesel loco and remember always wanting one of those as a train set. I was thinking maybe bypass the starter kit unless i can get a Kato one and buy stuff separate? like just figure a track and loco and a few cars...start off small...but not constricted by kit small?
he he he yup was checkin that out...think ill just check a starter kit but somethin a little higher end...glad i didnt cheap out and get what the local hobby shop suggested before I checked gonna save a bit and get something i can build up.

thanx for all the suggestions guys...
ya man mos definitely B and M!

:thumbsup: :D
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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