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I don't know the answer, but if I were going to do that I would save it as a .pdf file.

ADDED: Actually, it looks like you can upload .doc files, but I'd still save it as a .pdf. If you have a newer version of word then you may have to specifically select to save it as .doc instead of .docx.... hint, save it as a .pdf :)

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pdf works for me (and I'm a digital dummy)

I strongly recommend following Tom's advice. Print it to a PDF and everyone can read it. There are tons of free PDF print drivers available, no reason not to be able to generate a PDF.
pdf files attach just fine also photos, but only upload two photos at a time. The photo files are so big that the system can't handle more than two in the same upload, but you can upload two, then go back and upload two more, etc.

Traction Fan :smilie_daumenpos:

Water Table

Text Yellow Font Label

Roof Wood House Scale model

Art Wood Painting

Drum Scale model Water tower

House Room Architecture Vehicle Building

View attachment WHERE DO I START rev 4.pdf

View attachment Paintbrush Pine Trees.pdf

View attachment N-scale houses.pdf

View attachment N-scale cars for sale.pdf

View attachment Model Railroad Terminology 3.pdf


View attachment Improving Atlas turnouts pdf version.pdf

View attachment All AboutTurnouts rev 5.pdf

View attachment Introductory letter for $5 switch machine.pdf

View attachment Assembly instructions for $5 switch machine..pdf
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