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Can Non-DCC run on DCC

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New to DCC.

Can non-DCC locomotives run on a DCC set up without damaging the locomotive?
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I did some Google searching for you, and it seems to depend on the specific engine...

It might be better for you to wait for someone who has had personal experience with a DCC system to chime in though...

From what I have read, if your locomotive has an AC motor (most three rail engines, like O gauge) it should have no problem running on the DCC track... If your locomotive has a DC motor though (most two rail engines, like HO scale) then you could severely damage the engine...

Apparently the DCC system uses a current which varies like AC, so it would be like trying to run a DC locomotive on an AC layout...

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DC can run on a DCC layout. On my digitrax system you address the non DCC loco as loco #0. The only thing about this, is that the engines will sing. It's hard to describe but they make a whining noise, it's not terrible, but you will notice it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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