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Construction site
Vehicle swarm.

A 'scraped earth' building site that includes foundation trenches with wood forms, stacks of H-columns and re-bar coils, plus layers of stacked corrugated sheet.
At the site are a ModelTech crane, CMW flatbed trucks with more H-columns, dump trucks loaded with gravel, and several cement trucks.

Until recently, HO scale 'era' cement trucks were hard to find... those nice Athearn Macks are discontinued, and ransomed on eBay for $70+.
Walthers now has a tilt cab cement truck, (SceneMaster kit) and is available almost everywhere. It's nowhere near the quality of the Athearn Mack, but it'll suffice.

I found these in a 'bargain barrel', and got six for $18.
I'll 'dress' them up with diesel exhausts, 'vintage' them out with Sylvan parts, and paint them to suit.

Concrete mixer Transport Vehicle Truck Mode of transport
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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