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I picked up a CHAMP Prairie 2-6-2 on ebay and I must say this thing might be the oldest loco I've bought yet.

It doesn't appear to have ever been run and it's a neat piece. Got the original box, too.

I set it on the track at our store and ran it through its paces...

Until it got to the rerailer track, which lifted the lead trucks and made the loco derail. Upon further inspection, it occured to me the problem is two-fold.

1) The store layout has Code 83 track.

2) The loco was made when only Code 100 track was available.

The tender hooks up using a setup similar to Marx or Lionel O scale equipment.

Still, up until it derailed, it ran pretty sweet for a loco that was built a bajillion years ago.

Anyone else ever hear of Champ?

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