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I may have missed a previous thread, but I didn't find one while searching so I apologize if there's one out there.

While my Redford Theatre layout gets all the spotlight, I've never not had a train under the home Christmas tree since I can remember (I believe even as a baby my dad had my grandfather's postwar set running under the tree). This year was no different. With several cats in an apartment, it can be somewhat difficult to set anything up but my O gauge stuff seems to hold up OK to their shenanigans. This year I set up a small loop of Fastrack and currently have my Postwar 2175W Santa Fe F3 freight set running. Power is a bit overkill with my newer ZW-L transformer, but I like the classic appearance. My girlfriend has a few village buildings we usually put out, but we're taking it slow putting them out as the cats get accustomed to things.

I'd be happy to move this post to an existing thread if there's one somebody knows of. Otherwise, feel free to share your holiday displays here.

Purple Tree Table Vehicle Christmas decoration

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There is none yet for this year, I don't think there is.

Are you sure that you have enough power for under the tree?:p
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