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Accessorize - maybe not the best word - BUT - i have a Dept 56, inner city, church - that i am playing around with - wanting to add accessories to give it a nice look

I have - a nice fence - a couple of benches - carolers

Need a graveyard - but can only find those associated with halloween

So - if you have a moment - maybe a suggestion or three

Thanks - MrToad

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My experience with these fences is that they are difficult to work, but nothing a glue gun can't fix :)

Head stones could be made of styrene and painted gray.

Also, I know you said you already had a fence.... so, what exactly did you have in mind for a cemetery?

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Good old Menards carries Lemax Village items during the Christmas Season. The items may be Christmas orientated only. It may be worth a few keystrokes just to checkout their website and just see what is available from Lemax thru MENARDS.


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Update - with Church Ideas

Thanks for you help yesterday

I am thinking about - putting the accessories for my city church
Thus far -
Neat Dept 56 Church
A few ceramic trees – more than a few
Nice fence
Choir Singers
Church Sign
A bench with guy feeding pigeons
Couple – enjoying the day

Tombstones – Thanks for your help
Gravel Path – to birdbath or Fountain – to gate to cemetery
Bird path or Fountain

Shrubbery downside of church
Up lighting along two sides of church
Bike on stand

Dan – good friend (works with stain glass) – will replace cross with glass Coptic cross – the cross holder has hole that leads to interior – therefore cross will appear lighted

if you have ideas or comments - please share

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