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Greetings collective wisdom minds!

Hopefully Friday, I will begin some more electrical work for my Uff Da Line HO layout. To that end I plan to:

-- Install and wire a PSX Electronic Circuit Breaker Board.
-- Wire up a 16 VDC 5A power supply for the electromagnet uncouplers.
-- Install and wire up a circuit board timer to give a monitored "on" time for the 16 VDC to the electromagnet coils, as per Larry Puckett "The DCC Guy."
-- install and wire up a buck board to drop from the 16 VDC to 12 VDC for the power supply to the timer boards and other to-be-added-later 12 VDC items.

Should be fun - - and vexing - - but needed.

So my question to your collective experience/wisdom is this: How do you mount Circuit boards under your layout?

Please help me with suggestions AND pictures if available for:

horizontal or vertical?
Separate 'cabinet/drawer'
double-sided foam or screws
other that I have not thought of

Thanks as always!

Steve J

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Good question. I think any board under the table needs to be enclosed. They are colorfull and attract little fingers. My answer to that was use a an old VHS case. I make my boards so they are not complicated or expensive, I used double stick tape to hold them. The case has to be modified a bit. Other boards I have used silicone and glued them to poster board when I mounted them in a tender. You need some kind of box. If the boards have holes in the corners Use some 1/4 in stock glue them in and screw the boards to them.

This was my improvement project. At first they were crammed into a building and I had connection problems. Layed out in a box simplified troubleshooting.

For many functioning boards I have seen them mounted on plywood and covered in plexiglass for show.

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