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1920's through '50's
Configurable kit.

There are entire neighborhoods full of these houses in these parts. They're also called 'mill houses', because textile workers rented them from their employers (rent payment was deducted from weekly pay).
These kits replicate a re-sided look, as if 'modernized' up to 1950's standards.

Mostly molded plastic, but very nicely detailed, and they look great with light weathering.
Lots of Tichy parts. Outbuilding can be attached or left off. Includes an outhouse.
Easy to assemble on any skill level. Good instructions.

Our club has about two dozen... most were easily reconfigured, and all are painted differently. Some are lighted. Some have window a/c units. No two are alike.
Some come with gray siding, some in turquoise.
Kit #118.
2-1/4" x 5" footprint.
MSRP $25. LHS price is around $16.

House Home Property Siding Cottage
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