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I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I had never
heard of the Bachmann command 2000. I looked it
up on line and found it to be an early Bachmann
entry in the DCC market. It was even more limited
than their present EZ system.

However, as to the question of ennisdavis...there
was no information with the 'on line' postings whether
it could even control one DC loco.

Based on the way present day DCC works I would
guess that NO, you could not control 2 DC locos on
two tracks using this system. The main controller
would have to be connected to both tracks. The
hand held would be sub to that. The commands of
both would go to both tracks. I suspect, that if
the thing could run one DC, that would be it's limit.
On EZ systems address 10 can control a DC loco.

It could, of course, control up to 10 DCC locos on
the same tracks with or without the handheld.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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