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It looks compatible... I have never seen any though and do not know if it is all one size, but from this auction's pictures it appears to be the height of O track, but it is too close to call... If it is the same height, it would easily mate with the black metal-tied Lionel O track...


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You got to watch that e bay sellers descriptions.

That looks like Lionel O.

I have bought off this seller more then one time.

Watch out for combined shipping prices. They rob you!

I won't buy more then one item from them because basically you only save a couple of bucks on shipping.

Last items I bought could have been shipped for around $10 bucks at the most.
I got a scale and shipping rates. Add a little for handling.

My combined shipping was $36 bucks! outrageous.

I gave them a green mark but stated in the comments that the combined shipping was way to much.
Now they don't answer my questions about any items I am interested in.

I probably won't buy from them again.

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Thanks Ed I as going to buy two lots, now I know what to expect.

The seller is good, it's just the combined shipping they rape you on!
Packing can be a bit better too.

They do come along with some good lots of stuff.

That was the first time I bought more then one item from them.

And It wasn't like my stuff was heavy or bulky.

Heck! I have USPS boxes that the flat rate up to 70 lbs is around $13.50 for 3 days priority.

I still would buy from them again. Just one lot though. And then that's when, I just must have it item.

Otherwise I stay away from them now a days.

But like I said you don't save nothing much on the combined shipping!
Unless they dropped it some since I left my comments about it.
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