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concerned customer

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Has anyone had any experience with ""? I welcome any feedback, good or bad as I am considering a purchase. I will anxiously await any response.:confused:
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Are you buying a car or just trains?:)

What are two things you see before buying a car.

A dealership.


I checked CTT they are Lantz's Hobby shop.

They are a Lionel service station.

I can tell you they do exist and appear legit.

Is there apprehension? Or just fishing for a story?

Anyway that's the first two things I think of when shopping online.
The third is a sleazy web page. They have a nice one with a good price on their books. Greenberg service manual $20. I may get it just for another
The fourth is a street address.
Yes I am considering buying a train from them. The reason for my question is that I saw on another forum some mixed reviews about them, but alot of those reviews came from people buying RC equipment.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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