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I have a rather general question for consisting. If I were to go through the exercise of speed matching all of my locomotives across various manufacturers and decoders, would I be able to consist any locomotive together.

I have a switching railroad where most trains run with one locomotive. But I thought it would be cool if I could pick any two locomotives and be able to consist them together.
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I have speed matched all of my locomotives. Here are a few tips.

Use one locomotive as your reference locomotive and speed match your others to that one only. Set CV2 so that it starts crawling at throttle setting 1. Then set CV5 as the max speed you want when the throttle is wide open. Out of the box they are all too fast. Then at half throttle set mid-speed CV6 accordingly.

It’s easier to speed match if you have two throttles.

I place them one foot apart and dial both to throttle setting 1. I adjust the second locomotive CV2 according so that it maintains the one foot separation for several laps. It will require several adjustments on the programming track unless you program on the main.

Then I do the max speed.

Then finally midspeed.

It takes a bit of tinkering and adjustments but your patience will be rewarded. Have fun!
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