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Converted Tank Car

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What do you do with a junk tank car. I don't own a submarine car so I made one. This was abused, it had holes drilled in the side. Most of the markings were worn off.
The aft hatch was cut with a dremel and lowered. The aft end is a whip cream cap. The fins are birch plywood. The screw cover is a chocolate drink cap. The Sail is a film container. The nose is half of a plastic Easter Egg shell. I had to use Bondo to fill the tank to hold the add ons. The frame was too small for the size and the increased weight so I went with a 6424 frame left over from an ebay lot.
It's too tall to pass under my trestle.:eek:hwell:It's not perfect the picture doesn't show some defects. It was a fun project.

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That is very creative T-Man and it looks darn good too... The only thing missing is a name, and I think you should write USS New Hampshire on it since that submarine was just commissioned :)
As a person who is currently enlisted in the Navy and in the Submarine force I have to say this is way cool!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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