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So I've found myself coming across an old train set from my grandfather. An HO thunderbolt express. So I set it up and decide I'd like to build a train table.

So I've done a bit of research today and this is where I'm at. I have a couple questions I'm sure you guys can answer.

I have a 6'long by 4' wide gaming table. (used to be a table used for table top gaming, but it's thick plywood and will be adequate for this project.

I plan to top the table in 1inch thick foam.

I know that the track that I have is called "standard snap track". After some research I've realized I really like the Bachnam Easy Track and the Power-loc track.

Are these two types of track compatible? Could you use pieces from both and have everything work?

I also like the flex track. I figured that if I used some of this track I would just have to use some cork board or something to bring up the level of the track to match that of the easy track or power-loc track?

And lastly if I had a train set that was made by lets say...Bachmann and one by another company could they both use the different tracks and still work? I mean run all over the table with no problems.

All staying within the HO scale of course. :)

Thanks in advance for the help!


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Firs the track:
The Easy Track only works with Easy Track and the Power Lock only works with power lock.

As for snap track and flex track they will work together under some conditions, they all must be the same code. The code is the height of the rail. Code 100 is the tallest and I believe most common. With flex track there are allot more possibilities.

If you stay with HO all of the locos and cars will work together as long as they have the same couplers. There are Horn Hooks that only work with Horn Hooks. Allot of the older cars and some cheaper sets today use theses. Most recent ones use KD couplers or something similar. Bachmanns and Life Likes couplers are compatible with the KDs.

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something about the track code.

All trains will work with code 100. code 83 is more realistic, but some of the old rolling stock will not work with it.

as to the couplers, I started out with only hook horn. I have changed most of the trains over to Kadee. I have a few cars that have both, That way I can hook them all to gather.
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