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Curved Trestle Bridges, et al

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I'm going to need to span a long distance on my layout, like 5' long (!). I know no one kit is gonna fill this bill, but what would y'all look for in a project like this? I want some of it to accept a 22"r, but 90% will be straight.

What combo of truss/girder/arch span/whatever would you recommend? On page 487 of the new Walthers book is a sweet piece, $120 tho!! How tough would it be to scratch build something like this?

Smokey :cool:
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I made a trestle bridge and it worked out pretty well except that it did not hold up to the stress of my trains going over it. It got some movement near the top by the track so I would make sure that it is checked out a few times to be sure it is secured after you start using it. I finally took mine off and made a bridge with fake cement securing it. But I would use a trestle again sometime because they look so great with a train going over it. My problem could have been faulty construction or wrong glue or something. I have seen many on layouts that last forever. I think if you could use a few tiny brads here and there in the framework to help secure it would look authentic and be stronger.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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