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Curved Trestle Bridges, et al

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I'm going to need to span a long distance on my layout, like 5' long (!). I know no one kit is gonna fill this bill, but what would y'all look for in a project like this? I want some of it to accept a 22"r, but 90% will be straight.

What combo of truss/girder/arch span/whatever would you recommend? On page 487 of the new Walthers book is a sweet piece, $120 tho!! How tough would it be to scratch build something like this?

Smokey :cool:
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Wait... what's an era :eek: :laugh: ?!!?

I dunno, mine's gonna be mid to late 50 to early 80s :eek: :laugh: !!! (leaves me plenty of options open!!)

Well, I don't need it bent anymore, so pure straight's gonna work. And that'll probably turn out to be a 150' truss with a pair of girders at the ends, maybe sized to fit. I actually just came across an article for scratch-builing girders to fit in an older MR. ...It get's the gears a spinnin'!!

Anyway... we'll see. It's getting closer :D.

And thank you very much for the detailed search you provided, SP;)
Well... I might be going bent trestle after all... I'll know here soon.

I had the track and road bed down, wired in a loop to keep the 6yo occupied while I finished other aspects and... tore it all down :eek: !! 2 months of work!! I didn't like the layout of the track. Actually, it wasn't so much the track as the way it would have had to been scenicked that stopped me. It would have been tough to make it... realistic, I guess. (if you missed it, it was a modified Atlas Apex and Hypotenuse).

I drew up my own plans and really dig it now... if it fits. I plan to expand the table about a foot in width and maybe two in length. I've started laying track down for the mock-up.

It'll have a semi-dedicated passenger line that will drop down below table level to make it look like it went out of town and a regular freight-style line. It'll be double main for a bit and I'm gonna try to make a double ended yard (the last was dead-ended.

Well, back to work!! The more time I spend here is less there.

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