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Curved Trestle Bridges, et al

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I'm going to need to span a long distance on my layout, like 5' long (!). I know no one kit is gonna fill this bill, but what would y'all look for in a project like this? I want some of it to accept a 22"r, but 90% will be straight.

What combo of truss/girder/arch span/whatever would you recommend? On page 487 of the new Walthers book is a sweet piece, $120 tho!! How tough would it be to scratch build something like this?

Smokey :cool:
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It would be helpful to know what era you're modeling. A pure tressle bridge isn't really appropriate for modern diesels, but would be perfect for the late 1800's.

If I was doing it, I'd probably go with cut stone archs for most of it, and then do a warran truss bridge to span a larger area, but without seeing the surrounding area, it's tough to know for sure what would look best.

Take a look at this viaduct bridge by faller, it's a stunner.

Overall there are tons of options within the industry, just in HO we have 169 different bridge / piers in stock, so I'm sure with a little research you'll find the perfect solution.
Back to work Smokey! Can't wait to see the results.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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