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Put up the dukes

Les, How about making a punch? 1/2 inch tube cut in half and a chisel to cut the straight?

OR a half moon branding iron with heat to melt.

The punch has a chance if the plastic is thin.

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oh, i gues i missed it is a hole. 2.25. and a half a circle one.
id do what i usually do with any iregular holes, voids - mark the contour you want. go with a very small drill bit making lots of small holes on the inside of the contour , break or snip with cutters the inside piece, file to exact shape. can take a bit time.

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How thick is the sheet plastic?

Could you make a male pattern of your intended shape out of something rigid (like 1/8" thick aluminum), lay that down, and then carefully trace around the outside in several passes with an pointy Xacto knife? It seems to me a rigid pattern would help keep your blade cuts in the proper position and smoothness.

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