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"Well here goes. I have a brand new CW 80 (lionel set transformer) I used a vltage meeter today to see what the track was reading. Well I dioscovered that at the terminal posts the transformer was reading 42 volts. The track (fastrack) was indicating 9 volts. Houston I have a least I think I do. Will the unit 're boot and correct it self? I disconnected everything to it this morning..or is it :toast" can anyone shed any light on this and is it something I may have done or perhaps a bad unit right out of the box?
if you can offer any insight I'd appreciate it

Bob "
This is a quote from the Intro Thread. Welcome Bob! I am a Bob Too. Join the club. I read the directions to the CW 0 to 18 volts at A & U terminals. This is variable and runs the trains. B & U is set at 12 volt AC but is programmable from 0 to 18 volts. You need to confirm A & U is set at 18 at full throttle. Did you mess with the interior?? Time to fess up .Total ouput for A and B is about 40. So give it a try and get back.
Make sure no buttons are on, this will add to the voltage. The bell is continuous until it is turned off.


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cw 80

I get only 14.7 volts max. at the u and a or the u and b at max. I also get 14.7 at track location. I never have gotten over 14.7 (sometimes less) but it seems to handle my medium sized layout,but I use a 1033 for any assesorys that I am able to wire with seperate circut.
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