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Hello everybody, I am happy to report layout progress and a name for my railroad. After 3 N scale, 2 HO scale and 1 G scale outdoor layout, I am deep into construction and track laying on my O scale layout. I made many mistakes( but learned from them) on my prior 6 layout attempts. The G scale and 1 of the N scale layouts actually had trains running, the others never made it to that point. My O scale layout started with converting a portion of my wood shop into a train layout. I built all the interior walls and added twice to my original wall additions to arrive at my current layout size. I now have about 30 % of total floor space left for my wood shop. The DB(Initials from my name) and the I is for Interchange. Rather than focus on running a few railroads, I decided to have a small Interchange railroad with many other railroads, and leasing companies interchanging on my railroad layout.
I added excursion passenger trains with steam locos because it fit well with my theme and makes me happy too. LOL. After starting with three basic loops of track I found myself yearning for some prototypical switching operations. I added a second town and ore processing plants with two mines on the layout and the other mines "off the layout" with my second layout expansion.
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. I use Lionel FastTrack with Lionchief locos. I did add some Lionchief Plus and 2.0 locos to get electro couplers as they facilitate switching operations quite well.

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Looking good. (y)

What does the DBI stand for?
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