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DCC Equipped Bachmann Diesel A Unit # 60102

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Hi all. Was wondering, can sound effects be added to this unit? I know speed, lighting, and direction can be controlled, but was wondering about the possibility of adding sound.

I am just gathering all the information for my soon to be temporary layout.

All have a great weekend. Jack
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FM, I don't have a DCC controller as yet. I am gradually filling the gaps in for what I need in HO and my Prewar trains.

I am presently building a train building, but with so many responsibilities with my grandchildren and grown children, it is going slow.

I do however, plan to get a temporary layout setup to run just what I have at present.

I have been away from trains for many years until I joined the first train forum (Yahoo based prewar). Between here and there, I have already learned a lot.

Do need to see what controller to use. At present, only have the one DCC HO loco. Rest of HO locos are just runners. Though, I am thinking now that sounds aren't all that important right now. Maybe buy a loco later with it incorporated in it.

I plan on a mixed layout with prewar Lionel, Marx; and HO. Have seen it done many times with Lionel Standard gauge, Lionel O gauge, American Flyer; etc.

I thank everyone for their responses. Each and every posting always adds something more to help me. Thanks again to everyone who responded.

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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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