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DCC quickplug in Athearn F59PHI problems

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Ok all you DCC heads out there I need some help. I'm converting all my locos to DCC and one of them is the Athearn F59PHI Utah Front Runner. It says it has a nine pin quick plug and play socket which it does, so I plugged in a Digitrax DH123D decoder which was recommended to me by my LHS (local Hobby shop). I can't get it to move a centimeter on a MRC Prodigy Advanced2 or a Digitrax system, Ive heard others have had the same problem around my area but no one can seem to figure it out. I did some research and noted that NCE has a decoder for Athearn Qucik Plug Play locomotives is this a better decoder? I would really love some help, thanks so much everyone:)

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I'm pretty sure its the decoder, but I havn't tried any other decoders in the loco as of yet since I have not currently. I suppose it could be the system however we have used a lot of various Digitrax Decoders on the MRC Podigy Advanced2 as well as the Digitrax system. I'll have to try another decoder, I'm new to DCC so its a crash course for me lol. Thanks for the suggestions
Tankist, the decoder does not respond at all, maybe the DH123D is not compatible with the loco? Do not know. It also does not respond at all with the Digitrax either.
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