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DCC quickplug in Athearn F59PHI problems

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Ok all you DCC heads out there I need some help. I'm converting all my locos to DCC and one of them is the Athearn F59PHI Utah Front Runner. It says it has a nine pin quick plug and play socket which it does, so I plugged in a Digitrax DH123D decoder which was recommended to me by my LHS (local Hobby shop). I can't get it to move a centimeter on a MRC Prodigy Advanced2 or a Digitrax system, Ive heard others have had the same problem around my area but no one can seem to figure it out. I did some research and noted that NCE has a decoder for Athearn Qucik Plug Play locomotives is this a better decoder? I would really love some help, thanks so much everyone:)

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I went through 3 decoder before finally taking the circuit board apart.... and there I found the bug: One of the soldering connections of the 9PIN connector in the front connected two wires. Solution: Complete removal of the 9PIN connector in the front, connect the decoder to the 8-Pin connector and the thing is working!

I am actually quite disappointed by Althearn. Such manufacturing errors should get noticed. Also the couplers of the train set need to be exchanged to be coupled to the loco...
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